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I love free resources, and even more I love seeing the Church in action, sharing the merciful love of the Gospel as well as precious wisdom along the way. Want a free marriage booklet? A good Lutheran one?! I do! And, I’m very excited to see that someone has had exactly that idea. Below is a link to a post with a download. A Lutheran pastor is looking for feedback on this pre-release form, and he hopes to have a finalized version available around Eastertime. AWESOME!


The description of “Christ and the Church” is “a thirty-day devotion concerning the Holy Estate of Marriage particularly addressing those whom God has placed into it” by Rev. Andrew Richard.

I haven’t looked all the way through it quite yet—I’m thinking of giving it the full thirty days.

In short, once this reaches final form, Rev. Richard plans to offer a free PDF online or printed copies through Lulu for the cost of printing.

In particular he is looking for feedback about solid Lutheran marriage hymns, marriage quotes from the history of the Church, or maybe some other small note.

Happily, this booklet begins with one of my favorite marriage quotes from Chrysostom. 🙂 I would so appreciate seeing more and more of those quotations gathered. It was a bit . . . crazy hard to research Family Vocation: God’s Calling in Marriage, Parenting, and Childhood. A good collection of ageless church wisdom would be such a good thing!

It can be hard to get feedback, so I appreciate that he sought help, even opening things up publicly online. I applaud his effort, goals, and hope we can be a help to him in his service to the church and marriage.

And, once finalized, this free marriage booklet will get its own space/link on my next Lutheran resource page! This is exactly the type of free resource and gift to the church I want to let people know about. Written to address a need yet given freely for the sake of neighborly love and adherence to God’s Word.


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