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Remember the free marriage booklet I mentioned before Easter? The one Rev. Richard put together as a free downloadable resource for the church? Christ and the Church: a thirty-day devotion concerning the Holy Estate of Marriage particularly addressing those whom God has placed into it is now available! Yay!

I endorsed it happily.

I’ve already added it to my page of free Lutheran resources, but I’m happy to announce to you that it’s ready and now available here. If you want to purchase a printed version of it, it is available here on Lulu for the cost of printing.

Thank you, Rev. Andrew Richard!

Again, I love free resources. I love seeing the Church in action, sharing the merciful love of the Gospel as well as precious wisdom along the way. Let’s be inspired—and inspiring—so that even more resources like this can be developed and made available!

Marriage isn’t the easiest thing to talk about these days. Words are so laden with cultural connotations. Still, the Church has things to say, especially proclaiming our Lord and His Word. I applaud those who enter that arena to help the men and women marrying these days. Again, my own words on the subject of marriage can be found in Family Vocation: God’s Calling in Marriage, Parenting, and Childhood


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