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Woo hoo! Another free Lutheran resource to tell you about! Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller, author, podcaster, radio personality extraordinaire, etc., has produced a free mini-hymnal that you can download, print off, use while visiting someone, and leave as a lingering consolation from God’s Word.

You can read the description below, but I’ll sum up the contents:

  • 20 Psalms of Comfort
  • The Gospel of John
  • 2o Hymns of Comfort
  • Prayers for various occasions

It is exceedingly kind to leave something physical behind at a hospital, nursing home, convalescence center, etc. I don’t know whether I can emphasize this enough. And, this is ideal for those you visit in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord!

And, anyway, what’s not to like about a free mini-hymnal?! 🙂


I’ll link Wolfmueller’s two books below, but I’ve got to tell you: visit his Amazon author page. His bio is the best ever. Seriously.

And, if you’re looking for even more help with visitations, you can consider this book, which I was honored to contribute to:

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