Summer Reading List

I have some randomly interesting books lined up to read this summer so I thought I’d share. It’s a partial list, and it’s not guaranteed I’ll actually get through it, but maybe it can help you with a summer reading list, too. Especially if you like random finds and random topics. 🙂

Disclaimer: Not all Lutheran. I’ll also read a bunch of random free books from BookBub along the way.

Summer Reading List

I’d like to keep my reading this summer relatively light (versus academic or philosophic). Any recommendations?

I am sitting on another half dozen or so Lutheran novels I’d like to review, but reviewing has started to feel an awful lot like “work.” Sigh. Anyway, that’s a post for another day! All of them could be included here, but that might make the list look overpowering.

In more personal news, wish me luck. This summer I plan to enculture our kiddos with bit with music, art, poetry, etc. Maybe even, crossing fingers, additional memory work!

Wishing you the positives and beauties of culture, too, from the supracultural church on down.

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