Human Care Topics

You know how I am about resources. I want them sound, ample, and free! 🙂 So my next resource project is going to be looking for human care topics, especially those that need to tread careful lines between honesty, Scriptural teaching, and avoiding abject despair. You know the ones. Often about sexuality but increasingly covering so many human care topics!

What resources would you like to see from a Lutheran perspective? That is, what topics should we treat with a Lutheran nuance for the love and sanity of our neighbors, communities, culture, etc.?

I’ll get us started:

  • Homosexuality
  • Bisexuality
  • Divorce
  • Transgenderism (which is not necessarily homosexuality!!!)
  • Mental Illness
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-Hatred
  • Suicidal symptoms

I know where to start on some topics, but not on others. Please let me know about topics and resources you care about so that we can point one another to solid, Law and Gospel resources with which we can better love and serve one another. You know, those for whom Christ died! 🙂

I have some reviews coming up as well as some posts that will be strictly about writing. I am taking this opportunity, though, to look for resources in part because a lot of my creative momentum is caught up in getting my poetry book ready to publish and finding more and more thinks I’d like poems to address. So, bear with me please!

Happy reading & writing!

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