Spoken with Care

“Nothing can be spoken with such care that it can escape ridicule.” Apology to the Augsburg Confession, Article VII & VIII 2.

Although this may not be the most encouraging news you hear today, it is true nonetheless. And the world continues to turn, food grows, loved ones embrace, and Jesus is still Savior of the world.

I really care about content. I probably care more about content than words (Hence, my poetry stinks these days. Overly cerebral or something.), though I do wax poetic about the existence, symbolism, and general awesomeness of words.

At the same time, we don’t need to write to save the world. We can’t talk people into all the best choices, constant appreciation of beauty, thankfulness, etc. We can’t talk our way to perfection, on the page or off, and God is absolutely fine with that.

So write those drafts, edit away, and do your best. But don’t think your best has to be perfection. It can’t be. But it can be helpful and/or demonstrate the wonder of the talents and imagination God has given us. That really can be enough.

As I’ve been developing this blog, I’ve been doing bloggish posts, aiming for around 300 words and those good SEO scores. Now that this blog is a bit more established (ie., pops up via google), it is time to incorporate shorter posts, too. After all, I want to encourage without taking too much time away from my other writing.

Anyway, long posts are no less likely to be misunderstood than short ones and we may as well embrace text whether short or long. For example, several times hymn stanzas or quotations have struck me and I hope they can strike you too for the good of our craft and the support of our Christian writers.

Happy writing. Keep in touch.

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