Spring Poetry

Spring has come. Why not celebrate with a little spring poetry (whether it’s rainy, sunny, bright or blue!)? Since April is National Poetry Month, maybe the next few days can be a time to plan ahead a little. Think about your favorite poets or consider a foreign—or feigning poet—to read! Or you could think about a way to incorporate poetry into your writing, whether you are into haiku Tuesday or not.


Here you can find community events, a poster (I totally mistyped that as pastor—do not select a pastor from any such website), and a link to something called “Poem in your Pocket Day.” Whether you’re a writer or a reader, it might be nice to fit a few more crafted words into your day, month, or year, so I’m happy to encourage you to think about it.

Odds are good that there is a lot of good poetry still left for you to explore. You could even just crack open that psalter, that hymnal, or just remember the best Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Nature awakens and the air grows more full. Spring poetry can be another chance for a breath of fresh air.

And, you know what? If your writing could use a breath of fresh air, reading is a great opportunity and resource to help both you and the thoughts & language you may try to command. Sometimes allowing and taking a break is a productive thing to do.

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