Birthday Hint

Happy birthday to me! I have a birthday hint for you. All I want is for you to seriously consider writing an Amazon review. You don’t even have to post it. It certainly doesn’t need to be for one of my books (although they would be most welcome if they’re positive!), but comments and reviews on Amazon or GoodReads are good for something: morale if nothing else.


Writing can be such a personal ordeal. And even though so many people are crucial throughout the progress, at the end of it there is typically silence. The team work is over. The agent has moved on. The publicity folk might want to know what else you are doing to push the book they’re supposed to be marketing, but otherwise all is quiet.

That typical silence? Not golden silence: awkward, feels-like-high-school weirdness. I’m sure many people don’t experience it, but I’m also confident many do.

No matter your age, you may be part of my generation: the have-I-grown-up-or-not generation (All ages welcome.). I, for one, give thanks that that particular feeling hasn’t actually stopped me from anything except perhaps a few extra foot-into-mouth stretches. 🙂

But, be a sport. Think of a few nice things to say, even about your very favorite book, and add that bit of personal support for the person on the title page. Even if they’ve passed, maybe there’ll be Internet after the Resurrection. (I jest. The idea that there might be Facebook in my happily ever after with Jesus terrifies me.)

Write up a reaction as review. On GoodReads, you can even just rate and not use words! 🙂 Oh, and hey, if it’s long enough and on a Lutheran author, send it my way and I’ll blog it!

Happy birthday to me, and may authors everywhere feel a little extra personal attention.

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