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Here is a happy article for your day: “Why Christians should Paint, Dance, Quilt, Art, Compose Music, Writer Stories, Decorate Cookies and participate in the Arts.” Write and more! Why not?



There is so much we can do! So much goodness remains in creation! (I almost wonder if there is more goodness in the rest of creation than in humanity sometimes.) We can write and more: develop talents, explore gifts, and taste and see—over and over again—that the Lord is good.

Of course, as a Lutheran, I’m partial to words in part because of the words of God and the Word made flesh, though I sure can’t complain about other art forms and variations on beauty out there. 🙂 Paint, mold, stain, sketch, and as for me and my house we may well pickle, too. 😉

Consider phrases like creative praise (note: I don’t mean creative worship*), creative apologetics, creative expression, and the creative side of the image of God. How do you understand “creative” and “creativity”? And in Christian life?

Viewing creativity in light of theology makes me think of CS Lewis’s Space Trilogy. (Maybe we could use more books like that!) Was it the last book that asks whether Satan covets God’s ability to create and posits attributing creation of any kind to Satan a heresy? Interesting stuff.

Anyway, if you’re stuck in a writing project, maybe frosting some cookies or just cooking a new recipe will help. Maybe dabble in finger paint, as grown ups can enjoy that too, and creative juices will start flowing. Or, maybe you’ll just enjoy God’s gifts, which is a pretty great thing, too.

Wishing you arts appreciation and application! Write and more!

*It seems to me that somewhere along the line “creative” got highjacked as a word. I reject some of its connotations which confuse experimentation and over-subjectivity with actual exploration of substance, but I’m still going to use the word.

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