The Spectrum of Books

The spectrum of books may be infinite: any subject, so many treatments, and artful turns of phrase. There are even different kinds of satisfaction, so that a person can read something pleasurably even when there are obvious faults. Still, I sure get mad when people dumb down good things into base heresy. Who’s with me?

I was able to look over two very different books. One delighted me as a theologian, historian, parent, educator, and musician. The other made me viscerally angry.

Please allow me to vent. In all the genres in all the world, can’t we be clear in our theology? Can’t we let God’s Word say its piece? Can’t we write, in at least these limited genres, in such a way that others won’t have to spend years un-teaching what others have thoughtlessly taught? GAH!

I have ideas all the time. Ideas few people would bother marketing. But just because I’ve had an idea doesn’t mean I should write a book on it.

I haven’t been able to write much lately, besides blogging and some reviews, so I’m spending extra time reading. In so many ways it’s great. It takes my mind off the election, but onto people, places, etc.

Still, somehow there is a vulnerability to reading that sometimes makes me want to fight back. Speak out. Say it right. Get better words out there!

So today, my less positive than usual encouragement for you is this: if you are angry at sin and the wretchedness of the world, see if you can’t say things better. Speak up. 🙂 Let the Word be out there! Let the spectrum of books include the best that we can offer.

Sure, we may not be able to write as much as we’d like. Sure, some ideas will slip through cracks. We can still do what we can with what we have been given, and we have been given great gifts! Gifts applicable toward a great spectrum of books! Though let’s keep our theology clear.

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