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Am I posting too much about reading? Or is reading relevant enough to writing and a writer’s life? Anyway, I heard of a Reformation reading plan that I thought I’d share. You go here, download an app, and away you go.

The premise—aka, why it’s called a Reformation reading plan—is to read through the entire Bible by the 500th anniversary of the (Lutheran) Reformation. Presumably it starts whenever you sign up.

I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s a neat idea. I may try to download the app and see how it works. If the app tweaks the plan when days are accidentally missed, that sounds pretty great. This year I’ve spent more time than most with the Treasury of Daily Prayer, but I end up missing sections whenever I miss a day. You know? However, that wouldn’t be quite so annoying if only I’d read through the whole Bible more recently. So, this app might be an especially good deal, helping me settle into a well-regarded devotional tool.

The other little tidbit I can mention is that apparently the Michigan District of the LCMS is promoting it. So good on them! They are gearing it toward youth, if you’d like to recommend it to any. I can’t imagine how reading through Scripture is “youthful” or otherwise, but I suppose people market however they can. 🙂 Maybe they can market the Large Catechism to that age group (and all others) while they are at it!

Again, the link, and let me know if I’m straying too far from my target topic/audience.

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