Mom said!

It is with humor and awe that I think of my children. Admittedly, I’m biased. Still, I’m going to share a little anecdote which may or may not demonstrate the joy of having an author in the family. Like many other stories it centers oddly on “Mom said!”

The setting is church. A few grandkids are visiting their grandparents. They ask to sit up front, but are asked not to, since they don’t particularly pay attention when they do. Which is especially visible because they’re up front and usually sitting with friends.

Friends? Yep, starring my eight year old. A cunning master of reasoning to get her way.

We typically sit in the back and for several good reasons. I know it isn’t considered “best practice” by some. In fact, I’ve encouraged others to sit up front. Publicly. In book format.

Funny thing about that. The very week I got my preview copies, I was home from the Ronald McDonald House. I had a newly released infant in my arms—another still in the NICU—and four other children who’d forgotten some of their discipline while momma was away. We were up front and a new elder was helping my husband, the pastor. The new elder? The guy who always runs the sound system, so it was left less tended . . . the Sunday a new microphone component was added.

So later that week, my own elder approached me saying we had to move to the back because our kids were too loud. <headdesk>

Now, we have a great congregation. It was just a bad combination within the larger complexities of life. Really not that big of a deal. It’s not like sitting up front is a means of grace.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. My daughter encourages her friends to sit up front with her. My dad, who graciously helps me with my six kiddos, says, “Oh, Elizabeth, we’re sitting back here this week.” She replies, “But Mom said!” “When did she say that?” “I read it in her book!”

What mom said is used against her, 🙂 but let’s keep a sense of humor about it. Let’s say it only gets funnier when an author is added to the mix!

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