The London Syndicate: A Hercule Poirot Story

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I can happily report that I started 2017 reading an excellent book. The London Syndicate: A Hercule Poirot Story by Lutheran author Kelly Klages accompanied me throughout the day. I told you about her book when it first came online, and now I’m happy to give a glowing review.


Writing in the style of Agatha Christie, Kelly Klages gives us additional background information through delightful episodes starring two of Agatha Christie’s most famous characters, Poirot and Hastings. The London Syndicate is a delightful gift for every fan of Hercule Poirot. This full-length novel is well worth payment, yet is available free of charge as a PDF right here. Read it! And, if you’d like to see just how much Kelly Klages pours herself into Poirot, see what she has done here! Amazing stuff!

In a word this book is satisfying. I was exceedingly pleased after I read the first chapter, and my satisfaction only grew.  Each emerging mystery was handled with art and diligence. And although it’s been a while since I read Agatha Christie, this book puts her right back onto my library list. It is so true to form and character! The series of mysteries allows for light but satisfying evening reading. At the same time, you’ll eagerly want to read it all as the larger plot develops!

I very much enjoyed the writing and language. The characters employed a charming variety of expressions. It served to highlight their period British/Flemish (?) intellect. And, as the Belgian detective is well-known for using French, the sprinkling of French was tastefully done and, thankfully, easily understandable.

There is simply no downside to this book. Really, The London Syndicate is high quality mystery and writing. Two-hundred-thirty-two printed pages that can’t be beat yet offered free of charge.

Kelly Klages, excellent work!! Agatha Christie, we salute you and Poirot!

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