I had a pleasant surprise today: appreciation. Yesterday I sent in a manuscript for a little project I did for LWML and today I got a phone call about it. The caller thanked me profusely for taking the time to do the project, despite other things going on in my house. Hear that, ladies and gentlemen? Some people DO care and appreciate the time we spend writing!

We’re a society used to flipping channels, surfing the web, and generally skipping from one thing to another. We no longer compliment and express gratitude for our meals. Rare is the time we commit large chunks of our time to more than a binge of Netflix or to those have must have our attention: family, work, etc.

We may not always appreciate the work others have done. But right now let’s give thanks for each other. Writers give so much, spending so much time, energy, emotion, etc. They aim high. They dream big, even when their biggest goals are largely outside their control.

Many people fail to understand a desire to write when writing is so hard, publishing is even harder, and making money is a rarity. Still, some people wait the movie to see who worked long hours in both creativity and drudgery. Let’s be that sort of person, showing appreciation in the little ways we can.

I tip my hat to you, writers, theologians, funny ones, intellects, etc. I’m a fan.


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  1. This is wonderful. I’m so glad you received that call! I was just reflecting on valudation yesterday. It can be the mechanism to launch us into more good work! Although in your case, don’t lengthen your long list too much! 😉

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