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A good day to you. I’ve just started playing around with a single session Bible study. I’m liking it. A fellow deaconess asked about a particular topic to see what was available, and I thought, “Wow, that really should be—or become—available.”

Anyway, I think I’ve said before that I’ve only fiddled around with Bible studies. Initially, before the twins were born, I started and struggled to come up with appropriate questions. I think I’ve grown there. Now, I’m torn about how much writing one ought actually to do!

By that I mean, how much text should come between questions? How much text sets up the central topic? How much leadership does the text had versus an individual leader?

In my neck of the weeks, our Bible studies are largely little lectures with participants taking turns with continuous Bible readings. However, plenty of people take a different approach than that, particularly it seems those who write topical Bible studies!

Anyway, any advice? Any interest in having me share a draft or two here? Like I said, it’s a single session set-up. And, though I’d write it for women, it’s got neat little insight for anyone who likes finding Jesus in somewhat unexpected places!

Hmm, should I give hints as to the topic? It’s primarily Old Testament. It’s a lesser used word, and it’s paradoxical! Any guesses? Or any advice as I proceed?

Boy, it feels good to have some theological juices flowing! And, thank the Lord, yesterday was the first day no one seemed to be sick in my house! Yay!

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