Lay-Friendly Theological Writers

Yesterday’s review got me thinking. We should have a “Lay-Friendly Theological Writer” section on my Living Lutheran Author page.This week is a little busy for me as we finish up our homeschooling year and prepare for more cultural endeavors. So, what do you think? What lay-friendly theological writers can you think of?

Part of what stops me is, how lay-friendly is lay-friendly? I wrote a book aiming for that label, but I think I overshot in the sense that I fear Blessed: God’s Gift of Love ended up being overly academic.

So far I listed Grunewald, Daniel Preus, and Veith.

I’m sure there are many others. I’ve leaned pretty academic myself, so I’m not sure I would automatically trust my judgments. I think I’m looking for introductory sort of stuff, not on a catechism-level, but in a newly-embracing, still-growing-in-jargon sort of way.

Know what I mean? Suggestions and recommendations? 🙂

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  1. A. Trevor Sutton is a good one.

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