My first “novel”

I hereby embrace my inner weirdo. I just found notes I wrote for my first “novel” when I was a kid. (Yep, in a box of papers spilling out in my mother’s garage: making an entrance.) Here is it for your amusement! Unabridged and, so help me, unedited. Except for the girl’s name. That I’ll spell consistently and correctly!

My First “Novel”

Miriam crumples at a suicide with a dager (Jeweled) Goes back her true love has abbanded her. John’s now to marry a beautiful princess. His body is found on thier wedding night burned but the ring is on his finger. In a year, Mariam runs away and becomes a hermit. hermittet? He [John] follows his true love to a small cottage were he tells of his exape from the beautiful but wicked princess. They go back and rescue his friend. They get caught and throughn in prison but the friend he gets a lot of noblemen who plan to betray him they pass when the friend is going to prison as The true loves exape.

They think he’s were they left him but is not. So they though soldiers had come and he had fled so they went to that little cottage. But news of a hanging of their friend caught their attention. How can they save him? They got out of prison by a stump making people thing they are dead. They hire a man named James to help them break him out. They did it with being discovered but made it. they now flee to a distent country, country with slavery, famine, a hermit like castle with all English things


Ladies and gentlemen, behold the plot development! The intrigue! Totally cracks me up. Yet a little part of me thinks, hmm, maybe I should hang on to this note! lol

Write away! You can do better than this ⇑ and you can embrace your inner child as necessary to wiggle out of those unnecessarily writing-criticizing self-restraints. It’s just writing! Let’s get to it! 😀

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