Cary Schwarz

I know there are “big name” Lutherans. I’m not aiming to touch them or that topic here. Instead, I’m gunna bring up an awesomely cool (to me) Lutheran (!): Cary Schwarz.

Cary Schwarz is a Lutheran artist and leatherworker. He makes saddles! He makes cowboy art! He’s part of the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association!!! (I’m excited there is such a group!) AND, he’s coming to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum—that’s BY ME!

Ok, what’s the connection to writing, you may ask? He writes some and I’m linking to one of his fine blog posts. But, even more, isn’t it encouraging sometimes just to hear about other Lutherans? Maybe, since I was born an Okie and I’m living here again now, I appreciate red dirt and clay more than many. Still, I love to hear that Lutherans are in all sorts of fields, crafts, trades, etc. LOVE IT!

Let’s embrace our vocations! Let’s give thanks to God to one another and the neat stuff people do! And, let’s do our best to pursue truth, goodness, and beauty. Let’s add time, as we are able, to a project just to make it a little nicer!

Without further ado:

Strength and Weakness

I hope I get to meet him someday!!!!! 😀

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  1. Thanks Mary…I hope we get to meet soon as well!
    I sent the show save-the-date card to your father. It’ll be the mountain of mail to sort through when he gets home.

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