Pauline Kurtz

Ladies and gentlemen, happy Monday morning! I’ve got another Lutheran author to introduce you to: Pauline Kurtz. 🙂

Pauline Kurtz has been an LCMS Lutheran all her life and is a retired English teacher. I’ll mention three of her books here, which you should be very interested in!

Das Haus is a 36-page children’s chapter book. Here’s the Amazon blurb:

Torn between two cultures, Hans Reinert struggles to learn English. Who is he? German or American? Embarrassed at school, he runs to Das Deutsche Haus for comfort and solace. Christmas approaches, and Hans wants a miracle from St. Nikolas. Enjoy God’s profound answer to Hans’s question, “Who am I?”

I’m excited to hear that there are bits of German! This will be great for my seven-year old who wants to learn German! And, it’s appropriate for any age.

Then, there is a two-volume story just released last month about a family’s journey from Horse Cave, Kentucky to Indianapolis, Indiana right before the Great Depression. Book I is set in southwestern Kentucky near Greensburg and covers the time period starting before WWI. In Book II, the family comes to Indianapolis and when the Great Depression hits, the father goes south to look for work leaving behind his wife and five children. The situation becomes desperate and the children are scattered once the mother becomes ill. Marvin is placed in a foster home and attends St. John Lutheran School on the south side of Indianapolis where he is confirmed, and that foundation gives him strength when he later finds himself in the battle of his life on Iwo Jima.*

These are full-length historical fiction accounts based on family stories from her father, and the books sure look action-packed from the Look Inside feature! 🙂 Suitable for ages 16 and up.

* A good chunk of this paragraph is the author’s own words.

Check these out! Woo hoo!!!!

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