The Messengers: Concealed

Today I’ll post a review of The Messengers: Concealedthe second volume of The Messengers Series published by Concordia Publishing House. Then you can expect a review of The Messengers: Revealed either Monday or Tuesday. 🙂

Review of The Messengers: Concealed

This is another good read from Lisa M. Clark. After enjoying the first one, reviewed on my website here, it took a little while to get back into the mindset crafted by the first one, but after a little review we were off and running. 🙂 It is, of course, the problem with reading books as volumes are released instead of binging. When will I learn? To fight that problem I read the last two back to back!

It was good and necessary to explore the results of spreading the Word. I enjoyed how that was handled, although as an adult I’m hesitant to believe the Holy Spirit would be suppressed so easily whether by culture or tyranny. Or that the adult community would remain so . . . silent. I mean, why no secret printing press? Those have happened before.

Still, I read through this book in a day and ended anxious to read the next, which I happily did. That day. Without delay. Yay for having the trilogy completed!

The Messengers: Concealed continues The Messengers’ reputation as a good introduction to both dystopian literature and some major concepts, both theological and practical, for young Christians.

Thank you, Lisa, for your work! I look forward to letting my kids read these!

PS. Monday I’ll also announce the winner of the Sarah Baughman giveaway of A Flame in the Darkness. Go here and leave a comment to enter!

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