Letting it Ride

I’m nearing the end of my second year blogging here. It’s gone pretty well and I’m pleased with how consistently I’ve been able to post five times a week.

Now that I have resource pages up, it also means the website is helpful even apart from posts. That’s been very satisfying to me. I think because it means I spread the word about others and don’t just harp on my own words. 🙂 Suits me fine.

Anyway, I’m going to take a technology break. Probably for two weeks or so. I know plenty of others who advocate the practice but, lol, I don’t want to try it during Advent and Lent when everyone else is doing it!

If you want to be sure not to miss any random posts that get thrown up from weakness or excitement, sign up on the left to receive email notifications. Otherwise, I’ll see ya “on the flip side”!

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