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LCMS Pastor and author Tyrel Bramwell has now released a children’s book, The World of the Wazzlewoods: A Fern & Dale Fairy TaleIf you recall, he knows a thing or two about fairy tales, as shown in his Finding the Truth in Story: Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Vol. 1. 🙂 He also knows a thing about fiction, having written The Gift and the Defenderin addition to his non-fiction work, Come in, We Are Closed.

The World of the Wazzlewoods is a 102-page chapter book for young readers, such as those in grades 2-4. It’s illustrated by fabulous Lutheran artist Edward Riojas and features magical creatures and talking animals clad in armor.

The Amazon blurb:

What in the world is a wazzlewood? Fern and Dale find out when they move to Cream City and discover a magical world full of adventure. Join them as they make new friends, encounter enemies, and learn to see things, not as they seem to be, but as they are. The perfect chapter book for young readers (grades 2-4) and great as a read-aloud.

Something about Grandpa’s Victorian house just doesn’t sit well with their dog. Soon, a magical world opens up to a fun adventure for kids and wholesome entertainment for the family.

To dig a little deeper, Rev. Bramwell comments, “Today we tend to encourage our kids to dream big, which, for small-town kids, often means overlooking all the great things about life right where they are. I want to inspire children to dream small and show them the value of what’s right in front of them. There is wonder even in the smallest and simplest of lives.”

Sounds good and vocational to me! 😉

Also in his own words:

The foundational theme promotes having eyes to see and ears to hear what the rest of the world doesn’t… faith.

Woo hoo! Keep up the great work, Reverend!

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