Speaking of O Antiphons . . .

Check out Rev. Robert Smith’s blog posts on the O Antiphons! The blog, What Does This Mean, is about a year old, and well worth checking out.  

I’m sure I should have pointed it out sooner. <Head desk> Count this a friendly reminder that too much falls through my fingers, only to be found again later. 🙂

Anyway, the blog shares the Christian faith in an organized way, and if this doesn’t intrigue you, I think this description may:

I hope to provide for you a way to remember the details of what Christians believe, to make sense of more formal writings in Christian theology and understand how such teachings relate to each other. In scholarly language, this is called systematic theology.

Rev. Smith is certainly a theologian in his own right. What I especially find helpful at times, however, is also his mad library skills! He is a phenomenal research librarian at Concordia Theological Seminary (where I attended for my Master of Sacred Arts Degree with deaconess certification)! 🙂 So also check out his recommended online resource page.


December 19
O Root of Jesse,
            standing as an ensign before the peoples,
            before whom all kings are mute,
            to whom the nations will do homage:
Come quickly to deliver us.

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