LFL Contest for Students

Did you see the LCMS Reporter this week? I was glad to see the article about the LFL Contest for students.

Many of us have had life ministry matters on our minds lately. And, younger people should be thinking about it, too.

So, here is an article about it with a brief summary of details below.

  • The contest is for students in Grades 6-8 and 9-12. 
  • Each grade division will have a national winner with a prize of $250 cash, plus registration for an LFL regional conference and a one-night stay at the conference hotel. (Awesome!)
  • In order to qualify, essays must be based on the conference theme: “Did God Really Say …?” and Bible verse: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life” (John 6:68). 
  • Essays can address any life-related topic, including abortion, those with special needs (physical or social), and ethical issues. (See article for more specifics.)
  • Essays written by those in grades 6-8 may be up to 400 words. Essays written by high schoolers can be up to 750 words. All entries must include name, grade, school or church, and email address.
  • Submissions go to any LFL Federation or Chapter
  • GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION MATTER, PEOPLE! Ok, maybe that’s mostly my own addition. ha ha

Here are all the official rules, which state that you CAN enter the LFL contest even if your state does not have an LFL federation. 

Not able to enter the contest, you adult, you? Please pray for the cause and those tempted by abortion. You can also still consider resources prepared by Lutherans for Life here. Some of them are really, really good!

Thank you, Lutherans for Life, for all you do, all the resources you produce, and all the mobilization you offer by helping to connect well-intentioned people with opportunities to serve!

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