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I was actually able to get a chunk of writing done yesterday and that felt really good! God-willing, I’ll get a few more chunks of time and work in this week! It’s all just been on the back-burner. Meanwhile, I had a passing thought about Lutheran names. Ignore me if you’d like, but maybe you’d like to hear it. 🙂

There are many, many reasons why people choose the names they do. In my own family, we’ve turned to biblical names, family names, and commemorations for several of them. But, just maybe, there are a lot more Lutheran names than just Martin and Katie!

(I don’t mean to do anything to interfere with my children’s privacy, or really my family’s privacy, but I can share their names, right?)

We have Elizabeth Loehe, who was born during an anniversary year for Wilhelm Loehe: Lutheran pastor, mission supporter, and Lutheran deaconess father. Elizabeth means “God is my oath.” It’s also a family name. 

Evangeline Christi translates (admittedly by mixing a few languages, lol) into good news of Christ. Obvious Jesus is the greatest Good News, but our sweetheart who was due on Maundy Thursday is good news, too, as well as being of Christ upon baptism.

Our Margaret Magdalena was born near the scheduled reading of the Pearl of Great Price. Margaret comes from pearl and is a particularly dear family name. Madgalena honors both Mary Magdalene and Magdalena Luther, who confessed faith even as she lay dying.

Michael Gustavus. Michael as a family name and, of course, Michael in Scripture. Plus, who wouldn’t want their son to remember Gustavus Adolphus, mighty Lutheran King and confessor? Ok, obviously those he fought against. 

Still, I think you’re starting to see that, just maybe, there are a lot of Lutheran names in addition to Martin and Katie. Right? And what a joy to share Lutheran names, meanings, and emphases with ones’ children!

Anastasia Beatrix and Dorothea Grace were due at Easter time. Anastasia refers to resurrection, of course, but if you mangle languages enough there is a hint toward “Rise and Go,” which Christ continues to bid us do. Dorothea Grace refers to Gift of God and, ahem, grace. 🙂

(Leave it to a pastor’s family to have children due 1) while moving, 2) Maundy Thursday, 3) just after Christmas, 4) finally a nice, early fall (!), and then 5 & 6) Easter time. The twins were actually, four years ago, born significantly early. If you guessed they came right at 32-weeks on a Saturday just prior to the beginning of Lent, then ding ding ding! Lent in a distant NICU! The twins and I even missed an important congregational anniversary party. Ahhh, memories! But I digress.)

The Lord has given us these children. Naming them has been an honor and a privilege. He hasn’t given us more children, yet I recently thought of a really awesome, possibly super dorky, Lutheran name! So I’m sharing it in hopes it sweeps the world and possibly puts a smile on your face. 😀

It’s especially appropriate at this time of year, because June 25th is the Commemoration of the Presentation of the Augsburg Confession. 🙂

Ready for it? Felicity Augustana. Happiness of Augsburg. Really, I think one can argue for it meaning eloquence of the Augustana, too. 

Come on. That’s good, isn’t it? 

Anyway, all names are Lutheran upon baptism. Still, naming can be a bit of fun. 😀 Share other Lutheran names in the comment section below, if you’d like.

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