The Foundling

Ladies and gentlemen, a novel has been brought to my attention by the late J. R. Kinser, an LCMS pastor and chaplain. The Foundling is a novel published in 2001 about a late-term abortion survivor and those who found him.

Surely an emotional read, this book explores social, moral, religious issues likely near and dear to us. Add it to your “To Read” pile or your wish list.

Sadly, I don’t believe Rev. Kinser was able to complete his second book, a non-fiction book, The Modern Faces of Temptation, but even just the title lets me think he was an earnest and discerning man who actively tried to help his fellow Christians as well as his communities.

Thanks, Mary, for the tip! 

Remember, folks, I can’t let people know about Lutheran authors and books if no one tells me about them! Let’s do our best to not let any slip through the cracks. 🙂


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  1. Mary Kuhlmann Antholz

    I’m surprised that it’s still available! Many thanks, Mary, for featuring this interesting book. I’ve often wondered if it was partially autobiographical. I can definitely see Pastor Kinser in a leading role.

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