There’s a Bug on the Floor!

Ack! I almost forgot to mention this! It’s another Rev. Chris Thoma book, this one written for children (and not starring whiskey! lol). There’s a Bug on the Floor came out early October.

(Remember Publishing quality books by clergymen working in the realm of story or narrative? This is one of their books.)

The Amazon/ RevRac blurb:

It appears that something terrible, horrible—frighteningly dreadful—has invaded the quiet little home of an innocent family. Oh, what to do in the face of such terror?!

A whimsical little tale, There’s a Bug on the Floor teaches that misinformation and worry have the potential for making the smallest of concerns appear enormous.

Stop. Take a breath. Investigate. You may discover that your terrible “something” is really nothing at all.

This one is easy for me to review, since the original poem was included in The Angels’ Portion, Vol. 1. My darling husband had our kids memorize it to earn a special treat! lol

There’s a Bug on the Floor Review

This is a charming rhyming book for children, enjoyable for the whole family. My husband liked it so much that he immediately read it on repeat to the kiddos, encouraging them to memorize the text. 🙂 He would run around the house with the kids, randomly starting the poem with the kids finishing it off. GREAT!


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