Poll on Trinity for Tots book

My dears, I’m making a business plan. I’ve written a children’s book on the blessed Trinity. It is straight-forward, rhyming, simple, orthodox language to help parents and children think and talk about their God. I have gotten feedback and approval from others about the text, saved up money to have it illustrated, found a deal for that illustration work, and now I’m planning & organizing before taking the plunge. To that end, I need to gather some information on how many sales I might be able to make in the first year or two of sales. Thus, I’m putting together a poll on Trinity for Tots for the occasion.

In a nutshell, I need to know if folks are interested in buying a copy or ten copies for children in their lives.

What makes this a little more complicated is that it is geared toward very young children. Can older kids read it? Of course! And benefit from it! But it’s going to be a 32-page, 10 to 20-wish words per page sort of deal.

I’m going to scatter polls here and around Facebook. (Actually I started polling on Facebook yesterday when my husband gave me the idea.) Please only indicate numbers on one, since I’ll add them all together in the end.

Thanks! 😀

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