2019 Fiction Readers Summit

You know how reviews help both readers & writers? You should write reviews. 🙂 Even if you only leave stars and no text! But you can also vote on stuff, such as the 2019 Fiction Readers Summit Novel of the Year.

Just go here to do so. 🙂

All they need is the title of a Christian novel released in 2019 and a sentence or two saying why you think it was the best. (Plus your email so they know you only vote once.)

“Easy peasy,” as some kids say!

Lutheran novels released this year—which I also happened to know about—include both Faith Alone and Hope Alone, both Deep Rough and The Traitor, The Elder King, and perhaps a real contender: Shadow among Sheaves.

What Lutheran novels, released in 2019, have I missed? You know me. I’m always happy to learn about more!

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