The Hunter, The Hound and a Rogue

A review for you today: Rev. Michael L. McCoy‘s Book 3 in the Chronicles of Peniel series, The Hunter, The Hound and a Rogue. 🙂

The Hunter, The Hound and a Rogue Review

This author and this series does very interesting things with time and concepts. Sometimes things seem to be happening now and in our day, and then, every once in a while, I think, “Wait. Am I imagining this in a much more specific way than the author intended?” I think what it is is that the author is purposefully ambiguous in some things. It’s really quite fascinating. Occasionally mind blowing. Definitely adds incentive to my goal of rereading all the books once I’ve read through the series.

Still, the more I read, the better I understand and see the connections with the other books.

The Hunter, The Hound and a Rogue, as book three, helped to flesh out the previous two books, both with characters from book two and with imagery from one. You can certainly read it as a stand alone novel. I really appreciate just how well these books stand on their own, even as I am increasingly invested in the ways that Peniel shines through. 🙂

Each book has been very different so far and I think this book may be my hardest to explain yet. But don’t worry, I just finished reading the next one and already look forward to writing that review! lol

Happy reading & writing, folks! 


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3 Responses to The Hunter, The Hound and a Rogue

  1. June A Hensley

    Hi Mary, I’m really interested in this series by Michael McCoy. I love allegory. Could you give me the titles of the previous books please? I think I found one that is about the Bride and the Bridegroom’s journey from Eden to Revelation, but if you could give me a list of all of them I’d be very grateful.
    Thanks, Mary, keep up the good work!
    June x

    • June! G’day! Much love to you! I’m keeping Australia in my prayers!

      The titles are 1) The Bestman, the Bride and the Wedding. 2) A Little One Amidst the Shadows, 3) The Hunger, the Hound and a Rogue, 4) A Search for the Scapegoat, and then I think there’s one titled Magwort and the Master.

      • June A Hensley

        Thanks, Mary! Wow, he’s a prolific writer. I’ll get onto his books straight away. Groan….so many great books to read! I either need two lifetimes to get through them or I’ll just have to take them to Heaven with me :)))
        And thanks for your prayers for our terrible bushfires that are devastating our towns, bushland and our native animals who are literally being wiped out. Utterly tragic. And our summer has just started. So your prayers are very precious.
        Love to you, Ned and the little guys,
        June x

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