Magwort and the Master

My friends, while I can’t claim to have read all that Lutheran author Rev. Michael L McCoy has written, I think I’ve caught up on all his fiction! Last but not least (and, actually, I suspect not last although I don’t think anything has been published lately): Magwort and the Master!

 Ok, but first things first. Normally I’d direct you to Amazon, but not so fast. If you want a print copy you can read with your children—because, yes (!), this is a children’s book!—there are a few used copies through Amazon for not very much. Otherwise, avoid the crazy expensive new copies through Amazon for the much more affordable Lulu. And, if you just want to read it yourself, or if you want to read it yourself first before seeing it in print, Rev. McCoy kindly as a free PDF of Magwort and the Master here. Yay!

Magwort and the Master Review

I’ve read and reviewed Rev. McCoy’s other fiction, and, yet again, he’s done something different! This time he’s written and illustrated a 31-page children’s books.

Like his other fiction in the Peniel series, it is allegorical, but this time it is child-friendly! It isn’t an easy chapter book, but I’d put comprehension at about the level. I imagine families reading this aloud and six and seven year olds asking questions and making connections.

Lovely. About a horse! Nothing too frilly. Well suited for both boys and girls. 

Well worth reading again and again. Christian allegory for as you grow!

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