Rejoice? I don’t want to rejoice. But, on the other hand, I do. Frankly, each one of us still has tremendous reasons to rejoice, no matter what’s happening to or around us. 

Dear Christians, One and All Rejoice is a hymn by Martin Luther, newly illustrated by the stellar Lutheran artist Edward Riojas, published by Kloria. It’s available for pre-order now for only $11.99 and releases on April 1st.

It was Luther’s first hymn, as far as we know, dating to 1523. I daresay the vast majority of my fellow Lutherans have sung it and done so with gusto. 

And now I want to do it again. Because, you know what? Christianity isn’t just about joy. I’m going to play with the word a little, but it’s about joy again after the fallen troubles of this world.

For the book itself, Edward Riojas has such style! Vibrantly colorful, lively, and appealing. The images that pair with the text? Superb. Brilliant. Perfect. Jesus, Luther, history and symbolism intertwined! I love the perspective of viewing the text alongside Luther. I find it to be powerfully engaging, both for children and their entire families. 

And, though the illustrations have a lot of historical elements, it’s fresh. 

This may be my favorite Kloria book yet. 🙂 Although I tend to think that about each one as I hold them. Ten glorious verses. Just look through the preview: you can see all ten stanzas!

I love it! I am absolutely thankful to God that this book was put together and done with such quality.


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