2021 Pastoral Planner

I know, I know. I’ve already mentioned the 2021 Pastoral Planner. But I was asked about it so I’m posting the link once more. In other news, I got burned by some computer troubles and, if I could, I think I’d break up with technology. 😉 I just need a little space from it right now! Ha haaa

Anyway, here’s a link to the 2021 pastoral planner I put together for my husband (and a link to my original post about it this year). It’s $13 for 366 coil-bound pages and it takes a while to receive your order right now. <Shrug> 2020. 

Here’s a link to the CPH equivalent in case you just prefer to stick with what you know. 🙂 It’s on sale for $15.28 for a bit slimmer book. It’s estimated release date is 10/13/20.

Both are organized well. <Shrug> Organization can just be an area of personal preference.

Speaking of, I’ll be doing another organizational post, helpful to pastors and laity alike, mid-October. 🙂 It may be more my style of on-the-go organization. One with infinite possibilities! 

Literally. Infinite is the point. 🙂 Yay for creative solutions!!

Take care!

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