Emmanuel Press Scratch & Dent Sale

Have a little time and money on your hands? Because it’s time for the Emmanuel Press Scratch & Dent Sale. Save up to 35% on The Great Works of God: Exodus, Liber Hymnorum, He Restores My Soul, Seed Grains of Prayer, What an Altar Guild Should Know, and several others. Sounds good to me!

Here’s a link to their website.

Again, it’s a scratch & dent sale so these are for imperfect books with a dinged corner or something. Still perfectly readable with no missing content.

If you’d like any of the titles listed below, contact them here. (If you want to make regular purchases for regular books, then you can just use the website. Use the contact form for these books that have been set aside.)

Happy reading & writing, folks! Wishing you all the best Lutheran authors have to offer!



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