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As you are probably aware, CPH has lost both its President/CEO and its Vice President of Publishing (which is an ordained position, providing “theological leadership and oversight of all CPH products and publications”) rather recently to retirement or unexpected death. My friends, nominations for CPH leadership is NOW, open through July 31st or, if you’d like to apply, applications will be accepted through August 20, 2021.

Mostly I ask you to join me in prayer. These are important positions and I think that maintaining a full time, professional publishing house is a truly tremendous gift to the church around the world.

Second, I’d like to point out that it is BRILLIANT to have a businessman and an ordained man acting as a team in such a service. After all, the aim is a professional, successful business selling faithful, needed materials.

My fear, however, is that businessmen (or business women) may not realize that they could serve the church in this way. Do you know faithful Lutherans who could handle the complicated, competitive field of publishing? People who handle money and people exceedingly well? Consider nominating them!

Here is the link to the job descriptions & requirements.

As far as I can tell, anyone can nominate and you just electronically sign that a you, as a person, are doing it, although I haven’t actually tried the process yet.

I will say that I fear that publishing & marketing Lutheran materials is just going to get harder. These likely aren’t offices suitable for the weak-hearted. But, as far as I’m concerned, CPH could open a spot for donations and, if necessary, I’d contribute just to keep it in active existence. 

The good news is that, even if they hire someone in-house, I think CPH has a lot of great work still to do. They have good stuff coming out and I haven’t heard about any particular problems. Still, let’s do our part, if we can think of good candidates to nominate. By the end of this week!

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