Today Rev. Dr. Kirk Triplett releases his book,  Affirmed: Building the Positive Mental Health of Your Pastor🙂 You may remember his fundraiser for it from a post back in June.

 Affirmed Review

I really appreciate how this book considers the mental health of pastors and resources that are helpful to them. In particular, being human and communicative is helpful!

Too often discussions about mental health are negative. Thanks be to God for books like this that try to address problems in considerate, supportive ways. 

I read the digital version of this and it was maybe a shorter book than I expected. Didn’t take too long to read at all. 🙂 This is a good resource.

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  1. Kirk Triplett

    Thank you Mary! The book is intentionally accessible and not too long. I am hoping to introduce the topic and create an awareness of this great need in our churches. I also think this could be a good resource for small group studies.

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