Round Up

My schedule has just seemed exceptionally full lately. I really hope to start blogging ahead! But here’s a taste of the bloggish feast to come:

  • Advent Resource Round Up
  • A truly impressive Lutheran family planner that opens up for pre-orders November 1st!
  • Reviews
  • I hope to write up some thought I’ve had recently about the state of fiction with a few more guidelines about where I’d prefer Christian authors to remain

I know. Not the longest of lists. Really, I hope, hope, hope I can start working on my own project soon! It’s been a scattered time for me, but maybe I can cease upon November and that whole NaNoWriMo thing to churn out some words! Cuz that’s what I need: to remember that it’s ok to write a draft rather than a finished product.

Anyway. Please wish me well and I’ll continue to do the same for you.

Happy weekend!

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