The Joy of Eternal Life

CPH is releasing a great book today! The Joy of Eternal Life by Philipp Nicolai, the great Lutheran hymnwriter!

Here’s the Amazon blurb:

Lutheran hymnwriters have, historically, been a major part of Lutheranism and the foundations of it. Rev. Philipp Nicolai (1556­-1608) is one such hymnwriter. While he composed many beautiful hymns for the faith, he was also a pastor during a horrific time period. His congregation and town suffered through a plague that killed over four thousand people in five months. These catastrophic times lurched his parishioners into despair, but Rev. Nicolai knew that God’s Word and the promise of eternal life was the ultimate source of comfort during these times. He compiled this book which proclaims the hope and glory of eternal life, God’s love for His people, and the future resurrection in heaven.

Yay! I’m thrilled that CPH is reproducing this!

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