Wittenberg ’04

Last year I posted about Lutheran author and historian Warren R. Schmidt. (Go here to see that post about two of his previous books.) As timing would happen, I missed the publication of his third book, Wittenberg ’04: Coming of a Railroad, so I’m rectifying my omission now. 🙂

Here’s the Amazon description:

Wittenberg ’04 is a continuation of the book, Wittenberg ’03. The river town of Wittenberg, Missouri provides the setting for events that actually took place in 1904. A highlight of that year took place when the railroad began operating on new tracks that had been constructed along the western bank of the Mississippi River from St. Louis to Memphis. The primarily German Lutheran community had grown to a population of a few hundred people since an original immigration had taken place to settle in East Perry County in 1839. This community was home to love and marriage, life and death, and traditional family values. Wittenberg is now a ghost town, but back in 1904, it was a thriving place that resulted from the efforts of fine, faithful people who worked hard to make their town a great place to live.

Don’t forget that buying this book also helps to support the Lutheran Heritage Center & Museum in Altenberg, Missouri!

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