Not Until Then

Yesterday Lutheran author Valerie Bodden released her latest novel: Not Until Then: A Christian Romance, which is ninth in the Hope Springs series. 

This is a great series to read through when you’ve got Kindle Unlimited (which is currently having a deal), though the books are certainly worth buying also. Each title begins Not Until, which kind of makes of me smile, and each book stands alone, which is kind of a relief. Still, you may find yourself wanting to binge. Just saying. 🙂

Here’s the description for  Not Until Then:

Neither is looking for a new family. But that may be just what they find in Hope Springs…

After surviving a brain aneurysm, Bethany is happy to simply get through each day without forgetting to pack her daughter a lunch or pick her up from school. She’s been a single mom since Ruby was born, and that’s the way she likes it. She’s found family in the large group of friends who have welcomed her and her daughter in Hope Springs. She doesn’t need a special someone. Especially not one as grumpy as James.

Five years after losing everything, James is perfectly fine. Too bad his boss doesn’t see it that way. When he’s forced to take some time off, James goes to help his sister at her stables in Hope Springs. He has no intention of getting to know anyone else there, least of all the forgetful—albeit intriguing—Bethany and her daughter Ruby. They remind him too much of everything he’s lost.

But between his sister’s matchmaking efforts and Ruby’s hints that she thinks James would make a great dad, both start to long for something more. When a new tragedy looms, they have to decide if love is worth the risk—or if they’d be better off forgetting they’d ever met at all.

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