Lutheran Single Parent/ Pregnancy Resources

I received a nice email from someone looking for resources or information toward Lutheran resources. Please read her message and, between all of us, hopefully we can help her out! 🙂

Our church is interested in starting an educational/devotional group, either for single parents or for girls who are pregnant referred to us from the local pregnancy care center. There are some popular programs, such as Embrace Grace, that are available, but you must follow their curriculum and it is based on decision theology and mainstream Protestantism. I had hoped that CPH would have some resources, but I talked with CPH, and they have nothing. I do not want to invent a new program from a Lutheran viewpoint, but I would develop something if I had some resources to use. Can you or your readers identify resources that could be used for developing parenting classes and are also compatible with confessional Lutheran theology? Thank you!

Comment or message me. I’d love to put together something of a list.

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