Ecclesial Poetry

Title: Ecclesial Poetry: Volume I: Introduction
Published by: Mary J Moerbe/ CreateSpace
Release Date: October 11, 2019
Genre: ,
Pages: 135
ISBN13: 978-1987524611
ASIN: B07Z1LZ223

Poetry, with its use of lines, lends pause in time and thought. In those momentary pauses, a poem’s line grants opportunities for reflection and tantalizing glimpses into detail and insight. This book of poetry offers pause specifically on gifts and revelations from the holy Bible.

Whether you consider the poetry in this slim volume to be ecclesial, theological, or devotional, these stanzas draw upon the wealth of worship and churchly teaching to grant meditation and insight into many gifts of God. They focus, warm, nurture, and awaken the Christian mind.

Several poems address biblical passages especially poignant to women, such as “Vessels” and “Be a Wall,” but the eclectic styles and biblical content can satisfy any Christian with a taste for verse.

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