Title: Visitation
Published by: Concordia Publishing House
Release Date: January 2, 2008
Contributors: Ed. Arthur Just, Ed. Scot Kinnaman, various authors
Genre: , ,
Pages: 176
ISBN13: 978-0758611284

Pastors aren't the only ones who make visits. Visitation is carefully designed to put immediately useful resources into the glove compartment, briefcase, or pocket of healthcare workers, deaconesses, pastors, and all those who visit distressed, sick, and suffering Christians. Inside you will find:

  • Devotions based on selected psalms.
  • Devotions targeted to situations such as childbirth, surgery, baptismal identity, prolonged illness, and many more.
  • Topical reflections and prayers, numerous Bible passages, and handy cross-references to related material in other sections.
  • Orders of service for use with those in distress, the sick or the dying.
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