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Lutherans ask, “What does this mean?” all the time. The question remains religiously and culturally relevant. But I’ve recently pinpointed something that bothers me. With the aid of the devil, we have actually found a way to talk about the means of grace apart from a) how to receive them, and b) the divine blessings and benefits they give.

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Biblical Editors

Biblical editors. What connotations do you have with that concept? Generally when I think about people messing around with Scripture, I think of it in harsh, critical terms. Editing often means deleting. Deleting Scripture is bad, harmful, lacking trust in God’s wisdom while lauding our own. Tweaking text? Also problematic when considering the Word of God! At the same time, the Bible was assembled into a collection. There were probably ink stains and that says nothing about whether the content was authoritative. But, imagine with me, there was likely at least one original human editor of the Bible!

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