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Lutheran presence on Twitter

Ever wonder about the Lutheran presence on Twitter? I’m sure there are more than I can count, but here is the start of a list of Lutheran writers (fiction or non-fiction), journalists, pundits, etc.,  on Twitter. It can go along with my list of Living Lutheran AuthorsFree Lutheran ResourcesLutheran Publishing Houses & Journals, Lutheran Writers’ Blog Roll, and the compilation of podcasts, etc., available at Lutheran Audio Review.

Surely we’ve got things pretty well covered now, right?

Please do let me know if I’m missing someone as I’m happy to add. Just, um, please don’t expect me to know who is both popular and orthodox to Lutheranism in the twitterverse. I don’t live there. 🙂

Lutheran Presence on Twitter

Alison Tyhurst Andreasen (Author) @AlisonAndrea6

Ricky Beckett (Editor in Chief at The Lutheran Column) @snarky_lutheran

Rachel Bomberger (Editor of Lutheran Witness) @rachbomberger

Rev. Tyrel Bramwell (Novelist) @tyrelbramwell

Lisa M. Clark (Novelist, hymnist, editor) @lisamclark1

Rev. Jordan Cooper (Author and Speaker) @JustandSinner

Lisa Cooper @lalalisacooper

Rev. Jonathan Fisk (Author and Speaker) @RevFisk

Deac. Heidi Goehmann (Author and Speaker) @HeidiGoehmann

Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison (LCMS President, Author, and Speaker) @MattCHarrison

Mark Hemingway (Journalist) @Heminator

Mollie Hemingway (Journalist) @MZHemingway

Stephenie Hovland (Author) @StephHovland

Issues, Etc. @IssuesEtc

Andrew Jones (Poet) @c3pojones

Raymond Keating (Author & novelist) @KeatingNovels

Kelly Klages (Writer & Artist extraordinaire) @kellyklages

Rebecca K. Lemke (Author & novelist) @newcrunchymom

Hipster Lutheran (Seminarian) @hipsterlutheran

Return to Wittenberg @R2Wittenberg

Lutheran Satire @LutheranSatire

Rev. Gaven Mize (Author) @Mizegaven

Holly Scheer (Author & frequent contributor at the Federalist) @HScheer1580

Katie Schuermann (Author & Speaker) @katieschuermann

Sarah St. Onge (Pro-Life Advocate & author) @She_Brings_Joy

Rev. Christopher Thoma (Author & whisky connoisseur) @angels_portion

Rev. Dr. Heath Trampe (Author & music-lover) @songbirdlcms

Virginia Voekler (Novelist) under her pen name @DangerosaJones

Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller (Author & Speaker) @bwolfmueller

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