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I want to share writing ideas. I’m not in a time or place where I can write all that can be said, and, if you can beat me to it, then have at it! (Though please try to do a very good job! And, doctrinal reviewers, be diligent and strict!) There is plenty of room for more writers and more writing!

I typically think about things that would be resources for the church, often stressing things I think are generally under-taught and under-talked-about.

I’ll keep a few to myself–I’m sure you understand–but wouldn’t it be great to cultivate a culture of shared ideas within the church? We aren’t in competition with each other. We want good resources in a timely manner. We want to raise our children in the faith with the strengths of clear teaching that are ours in the Lutheran Confessions. We have so much good news that it is only right that we want others to share it too.

The catch is this: my writing ideas may not be your writing ideas. I don’t expect to wow you, so please don’t expect more from me than what a random person can offer.

Things I currently think are under-written-about (and I mean that primarily on a lay-level), off the top of my head: the Church, the Trinity, faith, shame, and the sinned against.

What do you think? Are there topics or ideas you wish were more in the dialog of the church?


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  1. Alison

    Ooh. I would love to read your thoughts on shame in the life of a Christian. I dream of kids books about confession and absolution and other kid related things but that gets talked about a lot!

  2. Sharon Schultz

    Mary, I have dabbled in writing, mostly devotions and a couple of presentations for LWML. I would not consider writing a theological book as I do not have the education behind me to do that. I do try to be doctrinally sound, always showing anything I have written to my hubby before using it. I love reading your blogs!

    • Mary J

      Thanks, Sharon. I hope I can encourage Lutherans to write in all genres! Maybe you could write a great American (and Lutheran) novel now that you’re retired. 😉

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