Who among you has thought, “Who am I to do this project?” Let me tell you. You are the one with the project in mind and something of an opportunity to start it. Now, it may be that someone with three doctorates could come along and maybe do a better job, but should the world wait for that to happen? Should you?

Will this project help you to communicate more clearly in service to your neighbor? Will this project help you develop a sensitivity of thought regarding people or ideas? Could this piece help you to grow within your vocations and in faith toward God? Can you start, or further, the conversation?

Now, if you have considered and prayed and conclude you should not be the one, can you find another? Can you keep the kernel of inspiration going by passing it along to someone else?

Maybe what you can do is jot down a framework, summary, or soundbite. Maybe you can label the need and an audience. Send it to someone you may have in mind! Or post it here! Let’s go into writing as the corporate church and not only as individuals.

Want to know what else you can do? You can email an idea to [email protected]. Maybe an editor will pick it up and run with it, maybe now (which still means it’s likely two years before its published) and maybe later. What do we have to lose?


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2 Responses to Credentials

  1. Myrtle Bernice Adams

    I love the phrase “a sensitivity of thought”! I wish we had more of that these days. Frankly, I have lots I would like to write about, for public, but I think credentials do matter to others. And, being female, and lacking in theology degrees, even the Gospel thoughts I might have remain inside my pen.

    Love what you are doing here, Mary. Thank you!

  2. Mary J

    Myrtle, I encourage you to write even if it isn’t for the public. 🙂

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