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I’m increasingly taken by the thought of expanding authors included on my page of living Lutheran authors. We started with novelists and now I’m collecting poets/hymnists to post in time for National Poetry Month. Still, I wonder what other lists we could create. I don’t mean to interfere with denominational marketing—I’d still primarily be looking for stuff otherwise under the Lutheran radar, but what do you think?

Would lists get too long if we included children’s books? Journalists? Historians?

Do you know that The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod sometimes publishes itself, not through Concordia Publishing House? Should I try to include those? Like this little number, that’s caught my fancy enough I actually did publicly review it?

Although, actually, I think it was commissioned by a committee of the synod and then synod published it through Amazon. Am I correct: “CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform”? (Disclaimer: I did contribute but in minor ways.)

Something we should absolutely post is a list of people who can help in writing tasks like freelance proofreaders! But how can we find them? So much of writing is done by word-of-mouth networking. Let’s see if we can get a little of that out of the way so people on the lookout for granter writers, for another example, can have a little help! Wouldn’t matching skills with needs help everyone?

I still worry bloggers could multiply the list past my control, and frankly blogs rarely last forever.

Think about it and let me know, whether its names, genres, or thoughts. You know, write me about it. 😉


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  1. Excellent idea! For instance, I have a novella I self published a few years back but then pulled down from the web because I realized it wasn’t as polished as I would have liked. It’s a hard piece to put into a given genre for submission to publishing houses. If I could get it in front of someone or multiple someones who have an eye for editing I would love to put it back on the market.

  2. Science writers who also happen to be openly Lutheran, perhaps.

  3. As long as they are sorted by genre, I think the lists could be manageable and helpful.

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