Reorganizing Lutheran Author Page

It’s occurred to me that my page for living Lutheran authors could better demonstrate some of the breadth of subjects Lutherans cover. So, I’m reorganizing the Lutheran Author Page!


The trouble is, I’m about to be traveling—prescheduled posts will continue and I’ll have periodic internet—so it may be a matter of slow progress rather than a new reveal. Can you help me flesh out non-fiction categories? If you look at the page, you should be able to tell what, and how, I’m doing it.

By all means, give me feedback and advice. I think sometimes a select title fits a category better than simply stating the author’s name. For example, have I mentioned this fairly recent release?


It’s a Lutheran vocational approach to a primer on economics. That’s awesome! Lutherans, let’s be present in the field and discussions of economics!

I recently read an article about, in part, how many fields hardly have any conservatives. Politics aside, I think more Lutherans in academic fields would be great! (Publish there, too!)

I’d like more Lutherans in every vocation (and more Lutherans in general)! And, maybe, by expanding the list and the page to better demonstrate that we work as more than clergy and parochial teachers, we can encourage more consideration for the work Lutherans are already doing in their fields to the glory of God and service of mankind.

Can you offer me guidance or suggestions? Or, if necessary, tell me whether I’ve bitten off more than I can chew and the page is getting too complicated! I’m looking for names publishing within a field, specific titles for a field, or just-plain sub-categories of non-fiction I should include.

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