I’ll admit this may be dumb. I love the blogging feature where you “schedule” rather than “publish.” It is such a weight off my mind, even though it is hardly different: I won’t really get up earlier than 6am to catch a final error before “going live.”

The comforts we cling to are so often additional steps. We add to our days rather than subtract from them, despite feeling a frightful scarcity of time.


Psychology is so funny sometimes. I can’t help but consider it, at times tongue-in-cheek. We’d all classify as nuts if we didn’t.

“Our ways” are not so much how we work, or how we proceed, but idiosyncrasies. If we considered our ways in a similar vein to God revealing His, I shudder to think the comparisons!

At the same time, it sure is great that God gives us this present time to write (or waste time on blogs & Facebook) with more time to come. He gives so abundantly that we can and do add things all the time from His own gracious, Father-possibly-laughing-at-His-children abundance.

Exceedingly few writers are scheduled as full-time wordsmiths. All of us worry about scheduling. But even the little things we can schedule result in lines and paragraphs adding up.

I encourage you to take today as a day to worry just a little bit less about your writing. Free yourself up to write a little less encumbered. Try to consider your actual schedule—the opportunities of time available to you—rather than the burdened conscience that moves in slow motion through task after task, clogging up the wheels in unnecessary drama and busyness.

Maybe you’re set just the way you are. Maybe this could help. And, maybe we’ll all return to our old wicked ways tomorrow, only to try this again and again in the future. (I’ll still count it progress!)

I read an article about how our brains lie to us about our own time management (I may reread and blog about later—I really liked it), but for today, let’s try to live like time is in God’s hands. Because it is. Whether we make our quota of words or not! Thanks be to God.

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